Fox News Suggests There Is 'New Evidence' for Moon Landing 'Hoax'


Some see the Fox News tweet as lending credence to an otherwise long-debunked conspiracy theory.

A video claiming new evidence to support theories that the moon landing was faked by NASA is making its rounds, and a Monday morning tweet by Fox News has helped to spread the story far and wide.

Fox News seems to question the moon landing.

According to the Atlantic, a spokesman for the network did not respond as to whether or not it considers the moon landing a potential conspiracy. The Atlantic also notes that this is not Fox's first time questioning the veracity of NASA's claims.

In 2001, an hour-long special aired on Fox that questioned whether the moon landings were fake. Fox News has hosted a moon-landing conspiracist at least twice since that year.

One ought not be too surprised that Fox News would insinuate the moon landing could have been a hoax, considering its willingness to openly promulgate other conspiracies:

It seemed to confirm that Fox occasionally caters to the fringe. But the same network also amplified a poorly sourced conspiracy theory about Seth Rich, a murdered Democratic staffer, for weeks, before suddenly abandoning the story. Other journalists from the network have misreported stories about climate change and asked how global warming can be real if it also sometimes snows.