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When it comes to thanking Governors for Corona Virus related deaths, you should be thanking the Governors of California, and New York, not Florida. New cases DO NOT EQUAL new deaths. Comparing new case counting methods between any of the 50 US States, and China, etal, is totally non-scientific. To begin with we would need the same criteria as to what represents a new case. Not all countries count a positive tested individual as a new case. In many, if the patient does not make it to the hospital, they are not counted at all. All those billions American Taxpayers spent on lavishly living WHO doctors, and scientists should have at least brought the World an agreed upon definition of what constitutes a new case. Unfortunately, the WHO hiccup leaves us with the counting of COVID-19 deaths. At least a death is a death, seems simple but it is not! One country will count a COVID-19 patient's death from a heart attack as a COVID-19 death, while another will count it as a death by heart attack. All this proves my grandfather's adage "Liars figure, and figures lie." BEST WE CONCENTRATE ON SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN VACCINES, AND CURES, CEASE THE MEANINGLESS BLAME GAMES BASED ON POLITICAL WHIMS !!!

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