Flat Earthers Are Traveling To Antartica To Find "The Edge Of The World"

Screengrab/Tech Insider/YouTube

They claim that the Earth is shaped like a disc and are determined to prove it.

Members of the Flat Earth Society are determined to find the end the flat earth debate "for once and for all" by hoping to travel to Antarctica and discovering the "edge of the world."

The Flat Earth International Conference (FEIC), an organization not affiliated with the Flat Earth Society, is "also planning a cruise for its meeting in 2020," according to The New Zealand Herald.

FEIC founder Robbie Davidson, however, said that the annual event would be "just a cruise." The organization does not plan to find the "ice shore" that exists at the edge of the world anytime in the near future.

Flat Earthers claim that Antarctica surrounds a disc-shaped Earth and that the Arctic Circle is at the center of the planet. Some believers also claim that Earth does not orbit the sun. Rather, it is stationary in space.

The conspiracy theory has gained a following in recent years, especially on YouTube and other social media sites.

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