Fast-Food Owners To Avenge Minimum Wage Increases With Robots

Automation looks to hit the fast food jobs market hard as minimum wage increases continue to spread across the U.S.

As more minimum wage increases go into effect across the country, fast food companies are saying they will simply replace low-wage workers with robots to cut down on labor costs.

According to Business Insider, Jack in the Box is but one chain looking to reshape its workforce as wages go up:

"As we see the rising costs of labor, it just makes sense" to consider adding new automated technology, CEO Leonard Comma said Tuesday at the ICR Conference.

Jack in the Box previously tested technology such as kiosks. According to Comma, the kiosks resulted in a higher average check and helped with efficiency. But at the time Comma said the cost of installing the kiosks wasn't worth it.

But with minimum wages increasing, Jack in the Box is reconsidering the use of kiosks and other technology, Comma said.

Who else is on the automation bandwagon?

Wendy's announced plans to install self-ordering kiosks within a year. McDonald's is adding kiosks to 2,500 stores, though it pledged not to replace cashiers with kiosks.

Smaller chains such as Eatsa and CaliBurger have been working on automating the entire restaurant experience.

The minimum wage will increase in 18 states this year, including California, which is expected to be with first state to reach $15 an hour.

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i will not eat at any of these places.