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Medical experts are backing the AstraZeneca vaccine that has been under fire from regulators lately, according to BusinessInsider.

On Wednesday, European regulators stated that blood clotting is a rare side effect associated with the AstraZeneca vaccine. Going forward, the UK regulatory authority recommended that individuals under 30 get a different shot. AstraZeneca is currently the most distributed vaccine in the world, with tens of millions of doses being administered in the past few months.

UK regulators revised their recommendations after medical officials reviewed less than 100 blood-clotting cases from more than 25 million people in the EU that have received the shot. This is a rate of 4.6 clot cases per 1 million shots, or in other words extremely rare.

5 medical experts weighed in on the topic. "The risk of dying in an air crash is just astronomically higher than the risk of clotting after the vaccine dose, and yet we all get on a plane without a second thought," Johan Bester, director of bioethics at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas School of Medicine, said.

"All that people heard was: AstraZeneca's vaccine can kill you because of blood clots," Art Caplan, a bioethicist at New York University, said. "They're not watching the fine tuning and the careful recommendations."

Now authorities in these countries are going to be tasked "with a very huge explosion of vaccine skepticism."

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