EPA Exempts Farms From Reporting Pollution Tied To Animal Waste

pxhere/Public Domain

The EPA announced a new rule that exempts farmers from reporting animal waste pollution.

A new rule from the Environmental Protection Agency removes a requirement for major farms to report their pollution from animal waste. Farmers have found the requirement to report the animal waste pollution very burdensome, according to The Hill.

However, some fear that nearby communities will suffer due to a lack of information on the harmful gasses coming from the farms that have been known to cause asthma, headaches, nausea, and bad odors. The decomposing manure emits ammonia and hydrogen sulfide which pollutes the environment and can cause health problems.

Senator Pat Roberts, R-Kansas, said in a statement, “I appreciate this administration’s deregulatory approach toward the American farmer and rancher, who need a reprieve from government red tape.”

Large farms have been required to report the animal waste since the 1980’s, but this deregulation gives them a win in a long battle in determining to what extent potentially harmful pollution should be reported. An Earthjustice attorney, Carrie Apfel, said that they will be suing over the new rule. This follows a ruling in 2017 which punished the Bush Administration for trying to deregulate pollution from farms back in 2008.

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