EmDrive, The Stuff Of Space Geek Legend, Is About To Be Tested For Real

Screengrab/Atraviesa lo desconocido/YouTube

A theoretical space propulsion system that will be tested soon may allow for interstellar travel.

An advanced propulsion system, known as EmDrive, that would revolutionize space travel was first theorized 20 years ago, but now a few research teams are claiming to have made it work, according to Wired.

In theory, EmDrive works by changing electricity into microwaves and then channeling that radiation through a conical chamber that would create enough force to propel a spacecraft. But the thrust created by existing prototypes is so small that it’s difficult to tell if it’s real.

A team of physicists at Germany's Technische Universitat Dresden are trying to create a device sensitive enough to gauge EmDrive’s thrust. Led by Martin Tajmar, the team has reported that they are only a few months away from completing the instrument.

Space travel has always been hindered by our rocket technology, which doesn’t allow for interstellar travel because it requires too much energy. EmDrive would help to solve this problem if it does in fact end up working.

The EmDrive has been a controversial and hotly debated topic by scientists because it appears to break the laws of physics.Tajmar and his team will help end the debate when they finish their test device.

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