Elon Musk wants his chip to stimulate your pleasure center

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Neuralink is working on a chip designed to be surgically inserted into humans, called a brain-computer interface (BCI).

Neuralink is working on a chip designed to be surgically inserted into the human skull, called a brain-computer interface (BCI).

  • The intentions for the technology remain unclear.
  • Based on provided information, the chip can hijack hormones, potentially able to give the user forced mental orgasms or making you fall in love.
  • Musk originally intended Neuralink to produce a BCI to ensure humans do not lose their competitive edge to AI, as keyboards and other peripheral technologies are not as efficient as direct though-to-action interface.

Neuralink steered toward medicine, as approving the insertion of chips to control users’ natural motor functions presents challenging hurdles.

  • The company expects Neuralink to eventually “solve a lot of brain/spine injuries” and treat mental illnesses and cognitive disorders.
  • Musk proposed that OCD and ALS can be cured using this device that targets the general public, though these are narrow use cases that no two people experience in the same way.
  • The gadget can potentially control hormone receptors, capable of triggering chemical response.

The BCI will operate using classical binary data constraints, making physical or remote hacking a possible threat.

  • The invasive device would not necessarily be simply “disconnected” if a bad actor gained control.
  • Neuralink will likely not amount to much unless it builds either an invasive medical device for neurology patients, or a non-invasive consumer device.

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