Elon Musk: Machine That Connects Human Brain To Computers Coming Soon

Screengrab / SXSW 2018 / Screengrab

Musk claims that technology that would allow us to effectively merge with AI is imminent.

Entrepreneur Elon Musk has announced that his Neuralink startup will soon announce a machine that connects human brains to computers. According to The Independent, Neuralink began in 2016 to develop hardware which would enhance the human brain.

The company website says the technology is an “ultra-high bandwidth” connection between computers and human brains. Musk, who believes that artificial intelligence poses a risk to humanity, says that an interface such as the one created with Neuralink is essential in order for humans to compete with futuristic technology. Musk has gone so far to say that humans could be treated like house pets by AI machines if no interface existed.

“I don’t love the idea of being a house cat, but what’s the solution?” he said. “I think one of the solutions that seems maybe the best is to add an AI layer.”

Musk also said the Neuralink technology would let humans “effectively merge with AI.”

A 2015 paper published in Nature Nanotechnology described a concept for the interface connection. The paper details how a flexible circuit could be injected into a live brain.

“We’re trying to blur the distinction between electronic circuits and neural circuits,” said Harvard researcher Charles Lieber, co-author of the study. “We have to walk before we can run, but we think we can really revolutionise our ability to interface with the brain.”

The technology does come with risks, though. It can augment the human brain, but it can also be hijacked, leading to something resembling AI mind-control.

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