Due To Lack Of Funding, The CDC Will Cease Operations In 39 Countries

Yossarian Johnson

Due to lack of funding, the CDC will significantly curtail its fight against diseases in foreign countries.

The Center For Disease Control will significantly curtail its global operations against disease due to a lack of funding for the agency.

Via The Hill:

Unless it gets new funding, the CDC will be cutting down its work against diseases from 49 countries to 10 countries starting in October 2019, the Journal reported.

While there is no official estimate in how this will affect international public health, a rule of thumb by the American Public Health Association claims that for $1 spent on prevention, $5.60 is saved in healthcare spending. While this is a rough estimate, it helps explain the value of each dollar spent in terms of preventing a public health crisis before it turns into an epidemic.

The 10 countries where the CDC will continue its work are India, Thailand, Vietnam, Kenya, Uganda, Liberia, Nigeria, Senegal, Jordan and Guatemala, the Journal reported.

Part of the issue here: We have a President who is a scientific illiterate who takes pride in being ignorant.

Another issue is that Congressional Republicans would like to destroy the CDC and replace it with something from the, 'free market'. They are already considering to similar things here, here, and here.

In all this shortsightedness, both the Congress and President fail to realize, that in the era of jet planes, diseases from foreign destinations can easily make their way to the United States and afflict the domestic population here. The commonality of all human disease is that it affects all humans irrespective of geography.

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No no no no this isn't how it's supposed to work, none of this is how it's supposed to work at all. (I can't believe this is how far we've fallen in only. just. a. year.


Right there with you. This is absolutely unconscionable and the consequences, dire. Even worse, this story is going to fly under the radar.


And then Covid-19 said hello.

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