Development Started For AI Software That Scans Retina For Alzheimer's


AlzEye is a research project in the development stage at Moorfields Eye Hospital in London that would allow artificial intelligence tech to scan the retina for signs of Alzheimer's disease, according to The Economist.

Sigfried Wagner and Pearse Keane are the doctors at the head of the project. They have been compiling data from Moorfields' database of eye scans with information gathered from other hospitals around England containing patient health data to find symptoms of the disease in the eye scans.

The data being used has been selected without the consent of patients. The data includes every individual that visited Moorfields from 2008 to 2018 that was over the age of 40. The total database includes around 300,000 patients but does not contain names or other easily identifiable information.

The basic idea behind the project is to examine the changes that took place over the ten-year period and to find correlations between the possibility of Alzheimer's disease.

AlzEye is a research project that attempts to detect signs of Alzheimer's by scanning the retina.

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