Human trafficking is known to occur at higher rates during the Super Bowl in the city where it is hosted. This year, the Super Bowl will be hosted in Miami. The human trafficking industry is currently valued at $100 billion.

Nic McKinley started a nonprofit called Deliver Fund to diminish human trafficking. Emil Mikhailov founded XIX, which has developed a very effective AI technology platform. The two are joining efforts in identifying human traffickers.

"We're taking all the skills that we've learned in the fight against terrorism and applying that to the fight against human trafficking here in the United States," McKinley said.

AI can be used to scan ads and posts on different social media platforms where human traffickers operate on. Human traffickers typically post ads for seemingly legal services, such as massages.

However, these can be fronts for human trafficking. Ads are usually corroborated with social media posts of the poster in order to determine whether there is a possibility of attempted human trafficking.

"Human traffickers oftentimes will brand their victims as property," McKinley said. "If you have a victim who has, say, a tattoo of a clown on her face and her trafficker's name tattooed right underneath it, we'll have the algorithm that can go out and find every other photo within the system that has that clown on it."

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