Coronavirus Infects 42 People In Wuhan, China


One person has died from a new coronavirus that has developed in China.

Coronaviruses have the potential of either being deadly or cause a bout of symptoms that most individuals move on from. For example, the coronaviruses known prior to 2003 simply caused the common cold and was not seen to be extremely harmful.

However, since then some coronaviruses have been more extreme. Severe acute respiratory syndrome is tied to coronavirus and has a mortality rate of close to 10%. This particular coronavirus has since been contained but has increased anxiety about future potential coronavirus outbreaks.

This new coronavirus in China has been diagnosed in 42 patients. Symptoms have included fever and pneumonia. It has sprung up in residents living in Wuhan. Wuhan is the capital of the Hubei province.

China’s government has been working to make sure that the virus does not spread. For example, equipment placed in Bangkok’s airport was able to detect the virus in a traveler from China who fell with the illness while in Thailand. Additionally, a market that was a common place frequented by all infected was shut down.

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