Copying Amazon, Supermarkets Are Dispensing With Cashiers In Favor Of AI


Using specialized cameras, supermarket chains will soon stop using human cashiers and instead use artificial intelligence. Instead of waiting in line to make a purchase, purchases will be made immediately.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Tesco demonstrated this technology to investors recently. Tesco is hopeful that this technology will be cost-cutting and time-saving as they evolve to compete with Amazon Go stores around the U.S.

“People [in the U.S.] will definitely take note of Tesco’s experimentation, if only because it shows that someone outside of Amazon is now testing the concept,” said Chris Walton, former Target executive and founder of Red Archer Retail, a consulting firm.

Tesco will open its “pick and go” store next year after it has been tested with employees. They will use 150 cameras on the ceiling to detect shoppers as they take products off the shelf. Tesco may use an app or loyalty card to charge the shoppers.

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