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Mickey Paulk is currently on the run from Alabama police for drug and weapon charges and he claims his pet squirrel, who the police have said is on meth, is just mean. Authorities in Limestone County, Alabama accused Paulk of keeping an “attack squirrel” and feeding it methamphetamine, but Paulk insists he has raised the squirrel, named DeezNuts, since he found it after it had fallen from a branch.

Officers from the Limestone County Sheriff’s Office were tipped off about the squirrel during a drug investigation, and found the squirrel in Paulk’s apartment after obtaining a search warrant. The police seized a quantity of methamphetamine, drug paraphernalia, ammunition and body armor, and confiscated the squirrel as well. While Paulk was not in the apartment at the time, the officers arrested another man who was there.

While the officers could not prove the squirrel’s alleged meth use, it is illegal to keep a squirrel as a pet in Alabama and so the police released him into a wooded area nearby. Paulk claims that he had moved out of the apartment several weeks prior and was waiting to bring the squirrel to his new apartment. He also claims that the drugs and paraphernalia the police found was not his, saying, “The charges that are on me are just as bogus as the squirrel doing meth.”

When Paulk heard the police had released his pet, he went back to find him, since the squirrel was raised in captivity since he was a baby and would likely not survive in the wild. In a live-stream on Facebook soon after he retrieved his squirrel, Paulk denied the charges against him and defended his pet. With his newfound fame, a number of lawyers have contacted Paulk and he plans on turning himself in once he has secured legal representation.

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