The “God chosen” Jews, in order to secure their role as the spiritual leaders of the Western world, they created Christianity, to bear the burden of shepherding the lesser of humanity.
Historically, the Jews have took a backseat to their charting the dominating powers of the Christian world. Their first hatchet-man country was Britain, and then it’s America. Britain became the colonizer of the world, and America just simply built itself as a military camp of a nation for the genocidal Christian Crusades at home and abroad.
And the poor victim lands shifted from American continents, to Africa, to Asia and now focused mainly in the Mideast. These lands sequentially suffered, respectively, genocides, slavery, opium holocaust ended with intimidation of abomb dropping and “war on terror” on anti-Christian Muslims.
How in hell could all these come about?
It all started with a dysfunctional family of biblical proportion, to speak mildly. A bastard son Jesus Christ, born of a virgin slut mom Mary and a deadbeat dad God, declared the family members to be the holiest of holy entities to be worshipped. You see, at the time in that desert land of Mideast, there were laws that required the killing of the first born due to the high frequency of non-biological fathers. So, what’s a smart kid to do, facing the situation of a slut teenage mom, who did not even know who was the kid’s real dad? Getting inspiration from the three Magi kings, whose visit of Jesus’ birth for their possible contribution to his very birth, why not just go all the way and pronounce it’s God who did it.
Historical lies have cursed the world to war its way to its doom. This ingenious lie, by a kid who’s in line for crucifixion anyway might just have open the floodgate of the proud tradition of lying among Western leaders for two thousand twenty years.


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