Canadian Scientists Aim To Use Drones To Plant One Billion Trees By 2028


Canadian scientists hopes to plant one billion trees by 2028 using a system of drones and pre-germinated seeds.

A team of Canadian scientists and engineers hope to plant one billion trees by 2028 through a project called Flash Forest, which uses a combination of drones and specially-designed pods, as well as an accelerated seed germination process, according to New Atlas.

Flash Forest claims that their technology can plant trees ten times faster than a single worker and at a cost that is 80 percent cheaper than traditional methods.

“We are a Canadian drone reforestation company that modifies drones to fire rapidly-germinating tree seeds into the soil,” Flash Forest said. “We merge technology, software, and economical science to surpass traditional tree-planting efforts and rapidly accelerate global reforestation efforts. With our ambitious goal of planting 1 billion trees by 2028.”

A heavy-lift drone is designed to plant their pre-germinated seed pods into the soil at an ideal depth. The team also plans on a follow-up process where a spraying drone will provide nitrogen and other nutrients to the seedlings. An additional mapping drone would be used to track the progress of the plants’ growth.

Flash Forest hopes to plant eight different species to promote biodiversity while also planting enough trees to offset North American carbon emissions.

“We started Flash Forest with the goal of offsetting carbon emissions enough to have a significant and measurable impact on climate change within the next decade. We work closely with botanists and forestry experts, and use multi-spectral mapping UAV technology to select ideal planting sites and provide valuable follow up data on ecosystem health.”

Flash Forest hopes to raise CAD 50,000 (about US $37,979) through Kickstarter by the end of January 2020.

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