California Lawmakers Officially Declare May 4th ‘Star Wars’ Day

Screengrab / Sharp Productions / Youtube

California declares Star Wars Day to commemorate the largest expansion to date of Disney's Anaheim park.

The California Legislature on Thursday declared May 4 as “Star Wars Day” to celebrate a Disneyland park expansion set to open its doors this month in Anaheim, according to The Associated Press.

The 14- acre Star Wars-themed expansion will be the largest in the park’s history, and could drive as much as $14 million in taxes to the city’s coffers, according to Democratic Assemblyman Tom Daly, who authored the resolution.

The declaration also recognizes Disney's multi-decade commitment to the state, and its “record of enhancing the quality of life for people in California and beyond.”

Charity groups dressed as characters from the franchise visited the capital to commemorate the piece of legislation.

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