By 2029, Columbus, Ohio Could Be A Suburb of Chicago


A new form of transportation would allow people to travel in-between states in unprecedented time.

Virgin Hyperloop One plans to turn Columbus, Ohio into a suburb Chicago, according to Intelligencer.

has a 500-meter test track that was designed by rocket scientists in the desert outside of Las Vegas. The company is looking for a place to further develop their research and construct a longer track and research center.

Virgin Hyperloop One works by spinning magnets that allow a vehicle the size of a small bus to levitate and move extremely fast through a vacuum tube. Every trip would be direct and would speed up transportation times significantly. “You get there fast, you don’t have to wait, and you don’t stop along the way,” said company’s co-founder Josh Giegel.

The company is targeting cities that lack transportation and are growing fast, such as Columbus, Ohio. “Our region is projected to grow by a million people in 25 years, and we can’t grow by a million more cars,” said Columbus City Council president Shannon Hardin. “We have to be open to many different ways of moving folks forward.”

"Hyperloop excites us: The environmental footprint is smaller, the right of way is narrower, and the noise impact is lower.” Murdock tries hard to come off as a sober planner, but enthusiasm bubbles up from beneath his measured tone. “We’re being cautious,” he insists. “But the more we learn about the technology, the more confident we are,” said executive director of Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission William Murdock.

Virgin Hyperloop One wants to innovate interstate travel and allow individuals in Columbus, Ohio to reach Chicago as quick as an airplane.

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