Black Cat’s Expressive And Adorable ‘Eyebrows’ Make Him An Internet Sensation

@corneliuscornbreadchronicles / Instagram


Cornelius Cornbread has more than 7,400 followers on Instagram, where owner Karen Mellette regularly posts his photos.

Cornelius Cornbread, a black Bombay cat from Nashville, Tennessee, is a full-fledged social media star, thanks to his adorable “eyebrows.”

His owner, retired teacher Karen Mellette, explained to The Daily Mail that the eyebrow effect is due to a lack of fur between Cornelius’ eyes and ears, showing off the white skin underneath.

According to People,

"The combination of the sparse black 'brow' hair and the unique rounded shape of the white skin showing through make him appear to have well-groomed eyebrows," she told the outlet.

The publication noted that Mellette has been posting photos of Cornelius since 2018, and he “has amassed over 7,400 followers on Instagram, where Mellette documents the cat's life, as well as the lives of his pet siblings.”

Mellette said Cornelius is much more than mere good looks, however, describing him as "a loving, highly intelligent, inquisitive, confident, sassy daredevil who expects to be the center of attention and is completely unrelenting if his demands are not immediately complied with."

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