"Best Boy" Hank The Dog Saved His Family From A Burning Home

Hank Courtesy of Ulysses S. Cocksman ‏/ Twitter

The story of how Hank the dog alerted his family of a brewing house fire is getting the recognition it deserves.

In his owner's words, one dog named Hank deserves the title of "the best boy" for helping alert his family about a dangerous house fire—and saving many lives as a result.

Over the weekend, Twitter user Ulysses S. Cocksman shared the story about how his dog, who started barking in the middle of the night, had discovered that a wooden shed in their yard had caught ablaze.

Hank's warning barks allowed Cocksman and his family to safely evacuate, alert their neighbors, and call 911 for help. And as a result, the dog is being praised as a hero.

“He can have all the shoes and steaks he wants, and I will never get made at him for barking, ever again,” Cocksman wrote. “15/10, the very best boy.”

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