At California Aquarium, Student Jumps Into Shark Tank On A Dare

The student, who was unharmed, performed the reckless stunt on a dare.

A teen at Montgomery High School in Chula Vista, California reportedly jumped into a shark enclosure at the Living Coast Discovery Center on Tuesday. Officials from LCDC believe that the student performed the reckless act on a dare, but he wasn’t in any danger from the sharks.

"They don't like to be scared by all those quick motions and loud noises," director of education and guest experience Elizabeth Argyle said. "You don't know the consequences that you're going to create, and for the animals, they get spooked by it."No animals were harmed by the stunt, which involved the student climbing on rocks to reach the enclosure and swimming a lap around the shark tank.

The incident precedes the center's plan to open up a new display called the "Sea of Change." The new exhibit will center around the importance of coexistence between humans and the natural environment. "We're very deeply disappointed in the actions that some of these students chose to do," Argyle said.

The school district and LCDC are working closely to prevent future disruptive occurrences from happening.

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