Astronomers Spot High Velocity Star Leaving Milky Way


Astronomers have a spotted a high velocity star 20 years after the type of star was discovered.

A star that was ejected from a black hole in the Milky way was recently spotted by astronomers.

The star was ejected at such a high velocity that eventually it will leave the galaxy and never return. The black hole that ejected the star is known as Sagittarius A. The traveling star was first noticed in a constellation named Grus. It is approximately moving 10 times faster than normal stars.

"The velocity of the discovered star is so high that it will inevitably leave the galaxy and never return," said Douglas Boubert who recently wrote a study on the star.

This type of star was only discovered 20 years ago. This is the first time that scientists have been able to see this type of star up close.

"We think the black hole ejected the star with a speed of thousands of kilometers per second about five million years ago. This ejection happened at the time when humanity's ancestors were just learning to walk on two feet," said Koposov, the lead author on the study.

Originally, the star was part of a binary pair of stars. However, its counterpart was taken in by the black hole with this spotted star was ejected.

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