Andrew Yang Says Personal Data Should Be Property Right

Credit: Gage Skidmore / CC-BY-SA 2.0/ Flickr

Andrew Wagner

Andrew Yang published his latest policy proposal on October 1, stating that data should be personal property.

Andrew Yang published his latest policy proposal on October 1, describing how personal data is monitored, stored, sold, and abused by companies and stating that data should be personal property, according to FastCompany. Andrew Yang is a 2020 Democratic presidential candidate whose policies have made him popular amongst tech-savvy voters.

Yang commented on the matter by saying, “Data generated by each individual needs to be owned by them, with certain rights conveyed that will allow them to know how it’s used and protect it.” One of the rights proposed is the “right to be forgotten,” which Europe currently offers. Under the right to be forgotten, all data related to an individual can be deleted upon request.

Tech giants such as Google took the “right to be forgotten” to court last month, winning the case and stating that the law only applies to searches within the EU. If this law was passed in the US, it is suspected that other tech giants would join the fight for unregulated data.

Andrew Yang believes data is personal property but will face some blowback from tech giants willing to spend billions of dollars lobbying against this claim.

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