Amazon’s new boxes can be reused as cat condos, forts, or other creations


Kids and cats love to play with cardboard boxes, so Amazon is introducing boxes with a built-in play factor.

This week, some Amazon orders will be delivered in “more environmentally friendly” boxes, which can be turned into a rocket, car, or fort for a pet, a robot costume, or a minigolf windmill, the retail giant told USA Today

  • These boxes are part of Amazon’s “Less Packaging, More Smiles” program. The program calls for recycling boxes and includes a QR code that directs consumers to for directions about cardboard creations.
  • In a statement, Amazon said: “We know customers love to get creative and reuse their Amazon packaging in a number of ways – this inspired us to create these new packaging designs that give customers an easy way to learn how we’re making our packaging better.”

Kim Houchens, the director of customer packaging experience, said “Inventing and innovating in new types of packaging is one of the many actions we are taking as part of The Climate Pledge – our commitment to become net-zero carbon by 2040 – 10 years ahead of the Paris Agreement.”

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Reusing TV boxes is a very interesting and cool idea! That would be how they would start doing with all the boxes. Then companies like wouldn't have to recycle so much cardboard.

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