Amazon Plans To Open Supermarkets Without Cashiers By Next Year


Amazon is planning to open supermarkets that will not require cashiers to be present for checkout. Inc. is preparing to open Amazon Go supermarkets that will not require cashiers to be present for checkout as early as next year, according to Bloomberg.

The expansion into cashierless supermarkets is the latest in Amazon's journey to develop and distribute technology that eliminates the need for human workers. Currently, Amazon is testing the Amazon Go cashierless supermarket in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood.

The U.S. grocery industry is a $900 billion market, and Amazon Go is the company's latest attempt to break into that market. Amazon already has a presence in the market attained through its purchase of whole foods in 2017.

Amazon has been in talks with companies interested in the cashierless technology, such as airport concessions operator OTG's CIBO Express brand and Cineworld Group PLC's Regal movie theater chain.

“The big question isn’t will the tech work—Amazon will make it work,” says Brendan Witcher of Forrester Research. “The question will be, ‘Will it work for a consumer, will they see this way of shopping as valuable?’” 

Amazon Go cashierless stores are Inc.'s newest attempt at gaining a larger share of the $900 billion grocery industry.

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