ABC News Spent More Time On The Royal Baby Than It Did On Climate Change In 2018

ABC News spent more time covering the birth of the royal baby than it did on climate change in 2018.

ABC News spent 20 percent more time covering the birth of British royal baby Archie in six days than it spent covering climate change all of last year, according to Media Matters for America.

The news channel dedicated 7 minutes and 14 seconds to the son of Prince Harry between May 6-12, more than the 6 minutes 3 seconds it dedicated to climate change in 2018.

The other two national television networks showed similar reports, according to the Media Matters study. NBC devoted 6 minutes 15 seconds to the royal and zero minutes to climate change, while CBS allocated 4 minutes 27 seconds to the infant and 1 minute 21 seconds to the climate crisis during that same period in May.

Archie was born on May 6, the same day the United Nations released a summary of a dooming report in which it indicated that human actions now threaten over one million species with extinction.

While the ABC coverage largely mirrored that of its competitors, the network’s climate coverage has consistently lagged behind that of CBS and NBC. The network has devoted less airtime to the climate crisis than the other two channels every year since 2013.

The royal is seventh in line to the British throne, which means he is unlikely to ever become king, Media Matters noted.

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