83% Of American Voters Are Against The Repeal Of Net-Neutrality

Marco Verch/Flickr

The data show bipartisan support for maintaining net neutrality rules.

As the Federal Communications Commission voted to remove net neutrality rules on Thursday, it did so in the face of overwhelming opposition from the American people.

According to data from the Program for Public Consultation at the School of Public Policy at the University of Maryland, respondents who were given information stating the cases for and against net neutrality rules, the bipartisan consensus was to keep the rules in place.

Respondents were given a short briefing and asked to evaluate arguments for and against the proposal before making their final recommendation. The survey content was reviewed by experts in favor and against net neutrality, to ensure that the briefing was accurate and balanced, and that the strongest arguments were presented.

At the conclusion, 83% opposed repealing net neutrality, including 75% of Republicans, as well as 89% of Democrats and 86% of independents.