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How to Be An Efficient Person at Night

Every night before bed, many people like to wind down by reading something. With the expansion of today’s technology, that usually means you will be looking at the screen of a phone, tablet, or computer monitor. While the advent of technology certainly makes reading and other activities much more convenient and accessible, doing this habitually without proper care could disrupt your sleep, or worse, potentially harm your eyes and your vision. This article will go over the ways in which you can enjoy your phone before bed at night while preventing any strain to your eyes.

Get Your Eyes Checked

Are you making routine appointments with your optometrist? You should be getting your eyes checked at least once a year to make sure your eyes are in good health. If it has been a while since your last appointment, you may receive some surprising news at your next visit. For instance, any eye strain may have caused your vision to decline, which may require you to get glasses or lens replacement for the glasses you may already have. Your eye doctor will also be able to give you advice on what you may need to do to prevent any future eye deterioration. If you find yourself depending on using a screen of some kind every night, your doctor will know best on how you can keep your eyes safe and healthy while still maintaining your hobbies and nightly rituals.

Activate the Blue Light Filter on Your Device

The biggest contributor to eye strain and loss of sleep from a phone or a computer screen is blue light. The blue wavelengths of a screen help you stay alert and awake during the day, which can have an obvious negative side effect by using it at night. If you find your eyes getting sore, or if you have trouble getting to sleep at night, the blue light could be a definite contributor, as the light is known to disrupt your circadian rhythm. However, if you find yourself attached to your device at night and feel that you cannot live without it, don’t worry, as you do not have to cut it out completely to help protect your eyes. Check your device’s settings, and chances are you will find an option called “blue light filter.” This could be on a timer or it could be a permanent change to your screen. Activate it at night, adjust it to the intensity of your choice, and you will find your screen much less bright and abrasive. It may take some time to adjust to the dim and tinted screen, but the benefit it will have on your eyesight will be great, without you needing to put your phone away at night.

Get Enough Vitamin A

Should you find your eyesight starting to decline, know that vitamin A is crucial to protecting your eyesight. For healthier eyes and to prevent potential serious eye deterioration, try adding more vitamin A-rich foods to your diet. Foods that are rich in vitamin A include carrots, spinach, broccoli, and sweet potatoes. Alternatively, you could also take vitamin A supplements to increase your intake of the essential vitamin. By keeping your eyes healthy and maintained, you can combat any serious strain on your eyes that using your phone or computer at night might cause.

Use Proper Lighting

You might be tempted to have your device be the only source of light in your room as you try to drift off to sleep. However, the best option is to keep your room in good lighting to prevent eye strain while using your screen. Be careful not to overstress your eyes from dark surroundings, and take breaks from reading as needed to keep your eyes protected.

Following these tips will keep your eyes healthy without getting in the way of your hobbies. Of course, as with all things, use your device in moderation and remember to be safe.


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