2019 Marks A Year Of Achievement For Space Exploration and Its Commoditization


2019 has had a number of major developments within space exploration and its commoditization.

We were able to see exactly how a black hole looks like before. Its appearance has been theorized and fictionalized in mass media. However, this year Katie Bouman was able to show the world exactly what a black hole looks like.

NASA had scheduled an all-female crew for a spacewalk. However, as logistics were established for the spacewalk, NASA had canceled the spacewalk because they did not have the appropriate spacesuits for two women. However, NASA worked to make the spacesuits and the spacewalk was successfully completed.

There have also been advancements at understanding the impact of long-term space trips on humans. Scott Kelly, an astronaut, spent 340 days in space while his twin brother was on earth. After the trip, the two were compared to see changes that space travel had had on Kelly. Some effects included mutations in DNA. Most of these changes had reverted once Kelly had spent some time on Earth.

Additionally, tickets to private space flights are now becoming available to those willing to pay thousands of dollars. A night at the International Space Station could cost $35,000 a night with flights through a Virgin Galactic spacecraft will cost $250,000 per seat.

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