Southern Baptist Leader: If Clinton Won, The US Would Have Turned Into A Tyranny

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The Southern Baptist leader feared religious persecution had Clinton won in 2016.

Richard Land, the leader of the Southern Evangelical Seminary asserted that Christians had an obligation to vote for Trump in the 2016 presidential election, according to Right Wing Watch.

He said that “to not support Donald Trump was to support Hillary Clinton”. To Land, “Clinton always represents the greater of two evils” unless of course, her opponent was Satan himself.

"If Hillary Clinton had won this last election, we would have just participated in the last fully free election in the history of the United States.” While Land accuses Clinton of seeking to overthrow American democracy, he is suspiciously quiet about the polices of President Trump.

Trump has regularly attacked the press, has made an emergency declaration absent any actual emergency, has demonstrated an open contempt for the first amendment, and has regularly called for violence against his opponents. To most, these are all signs of impending authoritarianism, but maybe not to Lamb.

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