Why Trump Must Go Away

The case for recognizing Donald Trump as a Sociopath and an extreme danger

Why Trump Must Go Away

Trump has a well recorded deviant history, which somehow, most of the press seems to content themselves with avoiding. A comprehensive analysis of Trump's history of antisocial behavior as it is expressed in his day to day dealings, should be the headline story every day of the week.

David Cay Johnston is an investigative journalist who has known Trump for several decades and has investigated his dealings extensively over a long period of time. He has documented Trump's personal and business dealings. When pointed out, it is quite evident that Trump is a cold hearted, extremely selfish, lying, manipulative and racist man. Reading only a couple of chapters of Johnston's book would confirm these comments.

Trump is a rare person. People as horrible as him are often found involved in criminal activities, such as the mafia. Trump is documented to have been involved with the Mafia and one of his favorite lawyers, Roy Cohn, has in fact, worked on behalf of the mafia. Trump was and is attracted to people like Kohn, because of their ability to be ruthless and to be skilled in getting away with extreme ruthlessness.

Trump's narcissism dictates that he must win. He must always prevail, no matter the cost to others. He truly is unable to consider what the costs are to others. It is not even close to being on his radar. His need to win is what is so dangerous to our nation and now the world as well.

Why have so many people come out and shared their concerns about Trump, when it is not their usual practice? The reason is that those who are skilled in understanding his behavior and in understanding how he uses words and how he expresses his thoughts, realize that he cannot possibly be a legitimate leader of our nation. It is clear that his thought processes are so narrowly defined, that he poses a constant threat.

People who admire his "boldness," don't understand that it is totally born out of self interest and nothing else. He cannot even be bothered with understanding issues or the needs of other people. He can be blunt and simplistic and avoid facts easily, because nothing concerns him other than what he can gain. Having no conscience is an advantage. He never questions any issue further than the end of his nose, where his concern ends.

This is now true of most of the Republican party. Many want to argue that the Democratic party is the same. It is not. If one is paying attention at all, it is clear that almost all Democrats, even in leadership roles, struggle with a conscience. You can question what they do, whether it is fair and just, whether it is the best possible of actions, but it is almost always the case that they have more concern for people than anyone in the Republican party. Actions can be misguided, even if people think that they are doing what is best. Behavior can be questioned, but it is clear to me that the level of sociopathy seen in Trump and many of his Republican colleagues is unrivaled. This is why the Republican party was able to permit Trump to become and remain president, in spite of what they must know about him.

Trump's past behavior is not unknown. It has been extensively written about by journalists. It is recorded on video and the accusations of his wrongdoing would fill volumes. If one does not know about this, clearly, denial and avoidance of knowledge is rampantly taking place. People who normally would not speak out, like lawyers and mental health professionals, have been speaking out. Even Rex Tillerson, by all accounts, a close associate of Trump, referred to him as a moron. Even his close associates in the White House have shared information about him for a recent book, "Fire and Fury," by Michael Wolfe. They have spoken out because they are very worried about what this man might do to the health of our nation and our world.

I recommend that if you care about our nation and our safety, that you soon read; "The Making of Donald Trump," by David Cay Johnston, and "Fire and Fury," by Michael Wolfe. Following that, we all need to join together and call for the end of Trump's presidency and to elect as many Democrats as possible in 2018 to prevent the continuing growing control of corporations of our nation.

In a Democracy, we can never rest on our laurels. We must be continuously vigilant and active in the pursuit of our rights and we have never been closer to losing our freedom as we are right now.

(Heckler in the Real Grassroots (UNPAID) Crowd)