Why the Democrats must prevail

We can no longer afford the numerous and expanding costs of supporting our royalty.

There is nothing honest left in the Republican party. The Republican party is now clearly owned by the most wealthy people and big corporations. Anyone who is paying attention to real events can make a case as to why we can't expect Republicans to represent the people.

You could make a better case for the existence of Santa Claus than to prove that Republicans really care about the people of our nation. They don't want to fund schools, health care, programs for the mentally and physically challenged. They oppose medicare and social security. They support pollution and war, as long as there is money to be made.

Anything that helps to reduce stress and provides security is to be disparaged and destroyed by the Republicans. Anything that helps the most wealthy maintain and increase their wealth, no matter the cost, is to be supported. Hence, we have the tax cuts for the wealthy.

While the tax cuts for the average person, if you actually get one, will be quickly offset by numerous other costs, which accrue due to the lack of funding for adequate services and infrastructure. Tax shifting should be the word used, instead of tax cuts. The shift will transfer costs to other forms of taxes, fees, and costs which previously were covered by taxes, but now must be paid for by individuals. These costs will not go away, just because the tax collection on income was reduced.

Democrats need desperately to realize, along with independents, who also recognize the acutely destructive ways of the current Republican party, that we do not all think alike. Yet, for the sake of the nation, we must form coalitions and make decisions about how to move forward together, in spite of our differences. To continue to allow the destruction of a democratic nation by the Republicans, is not acceptable.

When we start to really address problems, instead of just playing to a minority base, then the solutions will become much more apparent. Playing to a base and relying on platitudes, propaganda and fairytale beliefs, is not a formula for anything except disaster.

We must steel ourselves from becoming divided. We must be willing to understand that we can find some problems for which we all mostly agree, like funding schools, health care for all, saving our national parks, converting to green energy, avoiding war and using other means to resolve disputes, allowing everyone to vote and even making sure that no one is prevented from voting with fake, election rigging laws. That is what it will take to make our nation great. We, as Democrats, know this to be true, while Republicans, in their quest to acquire great wealth, cannot consider anything but that quest.

Join me in being an active Democrat, in discussing how to make change and how to broaden our support, so that we can preserve a nation worth living in and eradicate the destroyers of our nation and our planet.

(Heckler in the Real Grassroots (UNPAID) Crowd)