What About Buddha ?

What could you do if you had more consciousness ?

Listening to an audio book today about the practice of Buddhism, I learned that while physical abilities have limits that operate within the natural world, there is no limit to how much consciousness a person can have.

Thinking about this, I began to consider that consciousness is more important than intelligence. I suspect that as consciousness expands, so does intelligence. Perhaps it is the case, that consciousness is truly what we think of as intelligence. Okay, I confused myself andI may have to continue to assess that idea.

I also heard a thought which has to do with existence. Since everything that happens is preceded by something that happens, it would seem that our beginning is just what happens after something else happened, for us, not our parents. That probably sounded funny for a moment. To put it another way, every action causes another action. So, it could be that the death action is followed by another action and so on.

Perhaps the most important concern of Buddhism is to alleviate suffering. That is a good goal. There is a whole lot of that going on.

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