We Must See/Think the Bigger Picture


Before any nation might effectively challenge China — a mighty military country with almost 1.5 billion consumers — on any major issue (though especially human rights), that nation first must have a significant trade-export/import bargaining chip.

I can imagine that a large enough number of world nations securely allied, however, likely could combine their resources and go without the usual bully-nation China trade/investment connection they'd prefer to sever if possible, instead trading necessary goods and services between themselves (and perhaps other, non-allied countries not beholden to China).

Yet, maybe such an alliance has already been covertly discussed but rejected due to Chinese government strategists knowing how to ‘divide and conquer’ potential alliance nations by using door-wedge economic/political leverage custom-made for each nation.

Every nation shortsightedly placing its own big businesses’ bottom-line interests first and foremost may always be its, and therefore collectively our, Achilles Heel to be exploited by huge-market nations like China.


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