Understanding the Connection between Trump and Putin

We have to get very smart and sophisticated to cope with the Russian Oligarch cyber attacks.

Let's try to understand the connection between Trump and Putin

We should not confuse Putin as being how the Russian people are. Russia is a nation struggling for freedom, much as we are now as well.

Putin is an Oligarch, which is similar to being a member of the mafia. These oligarchs take money and resources from the people and use it against them. When the people try to get their due, the oligarchs strike out to put them down, kill them, imprison them and, in general, scare them into submission.

Oligarchs have billions of dollars, much like the powerful people controlling our politics in America. They use their wealth to control the political process. They make rules that benefit them and hurt the people.

Trump and the people around him, have become a part of the Oligarchs efforts to expand their influence and to pave the way to continue their billionaire status.

Manafort was working for an oligarch who had lost favor in the Ukraine and was chased out of office. It was Manafort's job to make him look good again, so that he could return to power.

The lawyer that was arrested today, is the son-in-law of another oligarch, one close to Putin. He was involved in an oil deal with BP, which went south, as the Russian company was making every attempt to take over the whole operation, cutting out BP.

All of the people around Trump, including Trump, have had financial interactions with Putin. Trump has bankrupted 5 or more times. He could not get money from anyone but from Russian oligarchs. Like mafia bosses, they want something in return for that money. As we have seen, Trump is in no position to say no. He is in no position to enforce the sanctions and in no position to take any action to protect American interests from the scams and schemes of the oligarchs.

We need to understand that we are already under attack, in a sense, by the Russian oligarchs, via Trump and his oligarch manipulated position. He is not a president for the United States. He is now a tool for the oligarchs to use as they see fit.

The Oligarchs will continue to manipulate using social media and other mechanisms for perpetuating propaganda. Currently, too many Americans are lacking in knowledge and sophistication to know when this is happening. Some propaganda will go out to convince people that "this Russian business is all a hoax," just like Trump has said.

Russian oligarch involvement in our politics is not a hoax. If we ever learn the extent to which Trump and company has been involved in Russian oligarch money laundering and other nefarious oligarch business, it will then be very clear how we all have been duped.

This is a new world. We will need to create new ways to contend with it.

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