Trump, Sessions and Huckabee reach new lows in hypocrisy

No behavior, words and rationales are forbidden as long as you win. (Republican code)

Now, we have the Republicans using the Bible for their propaganda and support of separating refugee parents from their children. Sessions cites a passage which has only been used to support slavery and to discredit the soldiers in the Revolutionary war.

We have to call nonsense on this heinous attempt to use God and the Bible to support very immoral and criminal behavior by the Trump administration. I would say that Trump has lost his bearings, but the truth is, he has never had any. The Republican party has definitely lost theirs, although we have seen repeated instances of the Republicans implementing policies and engaging in practices to make sure that they win, no matter the destruction it causes to our people and to our attempts to maintain a democracy.

I doubt the accuracy of Trump's approval ratings being up, but if it is, then we have to acknowledge that anyone approving of Trump, has to be as racist and hard hearted as Trump. Any number of Trump supporters is troubling. It is making it clear that previous shameful behavior has become acceptable, as more people speak out in racist and hateful ways, feeling like they can with the support of Trump and many Republican leaders.

There are so many troubling and frightening things now, as a mad man is allowed to lead. We can only hope that Trump and his supporters will soon crash and burn and hope that we won't be taken down with them.

(Heckler in the Real Grassroots (UNPAID) Crowd)