Trump's Model of Life

Why the Trump model of life is so dangerous.

In a nutshell, Trump's model of life is one of victims and perpetrators. This is a very narrow view of life, hardly reflecting how it really is. Having such a narrow view restricts ones ability to see other options.

Trump's wording would be more like "winners and losers." That is the same thing. Trump was indoctrinated in this kind of thinking when he was growing up and his limited intelligence, wisdom, attention span, and imagination, prevented him from seeing things differently.

Trump is dangerous. He is dangerous because he is unable to negotiate. He is unable to reach agreements with people. That is because he is only focusing on how he can win. (Because he doesn't want to be a loser) To reach agreements with others, we must be prepared to discover what will work for everyone, not just me or just them. We don't need to cave or defeat those we negotiate with. This is a concept which Trump will never possess. His brain is long and hard wired to only think about how to get what he wants.

In his wake, he leaves chaos, instability, insecurity and mass destruction of all that is important to the functioning of society.

(Heckler in the Real Grassroots (Unpaid) Crowd)