Trump; Changing his policy to keep from being trashed and sent home

We are learning what we have to do to restore democracy.

Clinton said that Trump is a "loose cannon." She was absolutely right. His policy of separating children from their parents was one of a massive amount of actions that reflect Trump being a loose cannon as well as incompetent.

Trump now signs a fake "executive order," which he had just said that he couldn't do. (He could have just called Jeff Sessions and told him to stop the separations) He heard from former First Ladies. He heard from his wife. He saw Kristin Nielson, Director of Homeland Security, get booed out of a restaurant in Washington D.C. He has witnessed the people rising up against this policy and corporations and even some Republicans speaking out against it. Empathy or any kind of concern will not be present in this president. I think he saw that this bachelor was going home. If Trump wasn't such an arrogant and jealous person, he could have learned from President Obama why this is such a tough problem and what is needed in the way of changes to improve the situation.

We can now see that people speaking out is a force that can drive policy and practice of governmental leaders. It is having some impact on Republicans. Imagine what it could do with Democrats who mostly agree with most of our ideals.

It is clear that the judicial system has saved us from the oppression of the Republicans. The longer we leave Republicans in power, the more that they can stack the courts with judges who will support their oppression.

We have a chance to influence a return to democracy if we continue to speak out and to vote for Democrats.

(Heckler in the Real Grassroots (UNPAID) Crowd)