The United States of Impotence

Have you noticed how we are unable to solve all of our problems and we keep picking people to run things who can't?

Have you noticed all of the things that happen in our nation and states and we apparently can't do anything about it? We have governors, legislators and a president who work for billionaires and the NRA. They spend time passing bills to appease right wing evangelicals and gun lovers and create more tax breaks for the wealthy. In the meantime, we can't get wage increases to maintain the middle class and many of us can't vote due to the new laws, which were unnecessary. We can't even talk about climate change, no science, no intellect allowed, no reading, no using of experts or concern for ethics. Somehow, we manage to elect people who don't represent our interests and even with their gross incompetence and unethical and illegal behavior, our growing debt, losses of health care and safety net programs for the elderly and disabled, decreasing money for education, nothing we can do about mass shootings, etc., we can't get rid of these people.

We keep thinking, we can elect better people, but for a variety of reasons, that isn't possible. We have rigged primaries, more parties and more ideas, which serve to divide and conquer the only thing we have going for us, numbers. We have Russians brain washing the low hanging fruit, gerrymandering, voter suppression, attacks on the media, obvious law breaking by the president and his stooges, and we have less than half of the people voting, some using the excuse that they are protesting. Many of us have no idea what is even going on and are concerned about other more important things. Many are too polite to discuss politics. Well, isn't that just special. (I know that is an old expression.)

Okay, we have just been observing the most incompetent and dangerous man act like a president, using his office to enrich himself and his wealthy friends, with the help of the nearly entire Republican party. We have just seen the 18th school shooting of this year. Trump has more than a hundred people working in the White House that can't pass a security clearance.

Are we upset enough to decide that if things are going to get better, it is up to us to organize and take back our nation, or do we just wave a white flag and give up? What will it be, I wonder?

(Heckler in the Real Grassroots (UNPAID) Crowd)