The Total Corruption of the Republican Party

There are far too many tentacles between the Republicans and Russia (Putin) to ignore.

There are so many clues that the Republicans are completely corrupt. We have an election that had a completely unexpected outcome, with several anomalies before it wrapped up.

We have Republicans using fake voter fraud laws to throw out legitimate votes. We have voting machines, proven to be easy to rig to alter votes and no paper back up.

We have seen the most astounding gerrymandering, which is just beginning to get addressed with law suits.

With Trump's election, everything that big oil and Wall Street would ever want, has been handed to them.

The most wealthy people will gain billions more dollars and already, we have seen the same debt growing dynamic that was already witnessed in states where this policy was enacted. (The Kansasification of the nation)

The CEO of Exxon was made Secretary of State, putting him in an ideal place to execute an already existing plan to harvest oil from the Russian Arctic. Billions are at stake and Obama's and congress's sanctions stood in the way. Trump has been ignoring the sanctions. Our Russian enemies, long standing, are having secret and cooperative meetings with Trump and his administration. No wonder is it then, that the Russians are helping to rig our elections.

Trump has installed incompetent people at the head of all agencies to prevent them from doing their jobs.

Paul Ryan, who received millions from the Russians to run for reelection, a state hurt by the very people they have elected, Scott Walker, Paul Ryan and Trump. One might wonder how that state would get it so wrong.

Paul Ryan is Speaker of the House and recently allowed a fake memo which used Top Secret data to be seen by the public, helping Russia with information which can now be used for future espionage.

All of the Republicans in the House and Senate are allowing this most incompetent President to continue in spite of a massive amount of evidence that he has violated all kinds of emolument rules, acted impulsively and irresponsibly, and poses a continuous threat to our security. Now, they are launching a campaign to undermine our vital law enforcement agencies, going against fellow Republicans, to prevent Trump from being taken down.


(Heckler in the Real Grass Roots (UNPAID) Crowd)


Yossarian Johnson
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Yossarian Johnson
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