The Repugs are circling the wagons, obstructing justice, lying about the facts and the issues, and committed to destroying the rule of law to maintain the power of the despicable and pathological man in the White House. They are, in fact, more willing to keep the Despicable One in the White House rather than completing an independent investigation on the nefarious actions and interference in our elections by the Russian Government. The dots are so clearly mapped out that just today, the Despicable One refused to enforce the Bill passed by Congress to impose further sanctions on Russia. Rep. Devin Nunes will go down in history as one of the very few, wilful and deliberate trairos of the United States of America. If Nunes was a Democrat, he would be sanctioned by Congress and removed from office immediately. Of course, since he is a Repug, the chances of that happening are zero. The conspiracy that is afoot in the Congress and within the White House is a travesty and may very well end the democracy that has been this country's bulwark against tyranny.

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