The President that cried "Hoax"

Robert Heckler

Do you think it is interesting that a man who has built his reputation as a liar and a con man, could become president and garner over 70 million votes as he runs for a second term? At this point, it appears he will lose by mostly close margins, but I wonder what this says about our nation.

Every political system has its flaws and it appears our own is no exception. The darker primitive survival traits of humans is always in play. Those who reflect such traits in abundance, seek power and wealth right under the noses of the nation's people. We have a system of government designed to prevent those urges from taking over. What we have seen with Trump and his party supporters, is that a man, who is very devious and intent on achieving his own personal goals, can disrupt a nation significantly by appealing to the greed for power and wealth of others. He can destroy our institutions and reinvent reality and substitute hero worship for enlightenment and objectivity.

We will soon see if we have learned enough to reverse Trumps destruction. Can we refocus on our national goals for progress, or will greed for wealth and power of the most narcissistic among us, prevent that from happening? Will our educational system be more focused on teaching the concepts and the ethics of democracy to prevent the toxic collapse of the highest achievements of our nation? The security, the superior education of our people, and our ability to set and achieve necessary and desired goals, is at odds with personal enrichment that is narcissistically driven. Hopefully, this is a lesson now learned by the majority.

Robert G Heckler, LSCSW


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