The Need for Candidates to have Demonstrated Human Values

Persons who espouse or have demonstrated prejudice must be disqualified from running for office.

By this point, anyone running for office who espouses racism, bigotry, or shows religious favoritism should be disqualified.

It is clear now that people will vote for others who share their values or lack of values. As a nation, we need to maintain a standard which engenders good ethical human values, which means acceptance of all of the people in the world, without exceptions. Then every person can be esteemed and judged on the basis of their deeds only.

We need standards for candidates and if people demonstrate that they have these standards, then there is a greater chance that they will be of a proper frame of mind to govern. This could be decided by taking a vote in the next election. If a majority agree with this as a standard, then it becomes law.

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Yossarian Johnson
Yossarian Johnson


Excellent and thoughtful post. Before there are any political considerations, people running for office need to at least have a moral compass. I would also add that people should not go into public service unless they want to help people. Too many lawmakers go into public service for the purpose of self-aggrandizing. I believe that is wrong.