Regaining the voice of the people

How do we begin to reverse the creation of the corporate takeover of our nation forming an authoritarian government?

The Republicans have done everything they can to take away the voice of the people. Their voter suppression tactics have been extensive and effective. They have targeted people who are likely to vote for Democrats.

Like many actions and laws designed by Republicans, they sound good, while being the opposite when enacted. Republican legislation is completely self serving, to enhance the wealth and power of the Republicans and the wealthy.

The Democrats have to now fight and strategize to make sure that we get to vote and that our votes will be counted. And now that Trump has disbanded the voter fraud commission and is doing nothing to stop the Russian interference, with the cooperation of the Republicans in the House and Senate, we have more to be concerned about.

While the will of the people would now lead to a Democratic victory on a large scale, we cannot count on that, while various forms of cheating are allowed to happen.

We will all need to make sure we are informed of all efforts towards suppressing the vote. We will all need to share strategies to make sure our registration is valid and that our votes will be counted.

With the new tax bill adding to the wealth of the most wealthy, the amount of money being spent by them will be even greater and a lot will go to a divide and conquer propaganda campaign. No doubt, Russian involvement in our elections will continue and could likely include hacking of the voting machines. We probably need increased monitoring of our polls and paper ballots to make sure that an accurate recount can be done.

If we want to have a voice in government to assure that we will be represented and that our urgent concerns will be addressed, we are going to have to work hard to make sure that the elections are inclusive and fairly administered.

(Heckler in the Real Grassroots (UNPAID) Crowd)