Prayers or the Search for Motivation will NOT help curtail Mass Murder in the US

When crimes are investigated, law enforcement consider two major factors aside from direct evidence of perpetration: Motivation and ABILITY to commit the crime.

The press is going crazy trying to determine why this killer did what he did - as though discovering his demented state of mind might prevent another outrage. IT WILL NOT!

However, his ABILITY to commit this atrocity is evident: The man had been given access to assault rifles designed to kill as many humans as possible as quickly as possible at great distances. Would things have been different if he had not had this access. YEP!

Curtailing the possession of these weapons to civilians that have absolutely NO good reason to own them has a reasonable chance to prevent the kind of mass slaughter we so often see on the news.

Outlawing the possession or indeed the existence of other lethal weapons like high capacity handguns would save thousands of lives in America each year.

Sending prayers won't do it. Claiming faux-constitutional rights to bear arms won't do it. HOWEVER, looking at the facts concerning gun deaths and action by intelligent moral legislators could indeed start to improve the situation with laws that would sweep these weapons of mass death out of hands of civilians in our country. Unfortunately, ethical legislators are something that is in very short supply in our country today.

Parenthetically, I'm NOT talking about the prohibition of limited load hunting weapons or small clip handguns used for legitimate protection.

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'Thoughts and prayers' are a cheap attempt to shut down real discussion on gun control.