Open Letter to the Government Accountability Office

The GAO needs to hear from all of us. Email today if you can. (

Dear GAO,

I wish to express my very deep concern about allowing Donald Trump to be president when there is insurmountable evidence that he is running his business out of the White House and also making policies which personally benefit him and not the nation.

Clearly, Trump is incompetent and an extreme embarrassment as the rest of the world can see clearly. Trump was elected by a minority, which tells us that we have a voting problem which needs to be seriously addressed. We cannot expect those who benefit from this problem to address it.

We are in very different times and must take very different measures to insure that we don't lose every facet of our democracy. We need to hold Trump and the Republicans who support him, accountable. This is an extremely urgent matter and circumstances worsen with each day he is in office.


Robert G Heckler