Mr. Trump, What is "Great?"


The Trump/Republican Con game, will go down in history.

What is "Great"

Trump said he was going to make America Great again, without ever defining what "great" is, who it is great for and what the consequences of that greatness will be.

Now, he is touting his "cost reducing medication plan." Who will it reduce costs for? Who will gain from the changes he proposes? Remember how Bush II's "Clean Air Act," actually allowed polluters to pollute more? Did you also notice how Trump's tax reduction, which enriches the already wealthy and transfers the cost of picking up the tab on running society on the backs of the rest of us? Now, Trump's medication cost reductions are also going in this direction.

If we do less research on medications and regulate less, who will bear the cost of these errors? Naturally, that will fall on the backs of those who take the medications.

All of Trump's plans end up helping the very wealthy individuals who have devised these plans in their "think tanks," which I like to call "stink tanks," because what comes out of them truly does stink.

Plans that come from the Republicans and Trump, are like a shell game. They are always moving things around to make it appear one way, while it is actually something quite different. It is like a "hoooge" sale. where prices are marked up by 400 percent before the sale and then pronounced to be 30 percent off. This is what Trump likes to call business friendly.

Notice now that Republicans don't even bother to assert that money will trickle down. They tried to say that businesses will invest more, which isn't the case. They try to say that more people are working. They didn't say that during Obama's time we had even higher job growth every month. They fail to point out that workers are still working for low wages which is thanks to Republicans who are also still trying to bust unions and fight against minimum livable wages. The facts about Trump and Republican policies will be shielded by Fox News and other propaganda pushers on the right.

In summary, what is the meaning of "Great?" I am pretty certain that nothing like what the vast majority of us consider to be great, will be seen while we allow the Republicans to legislate on behalf of the most wealthy people in the world.

(Heckler in the Real Grassroots (UNPAID) Crowd)