In Guns We Trust

Mass murder won't be solved with cliches and clever quips

Is it guns or more mental health services that we need? People have opinions and cute phrases to pass along, but the thing is, we can't really separate the two. It is not an either/or situation. It is both/and more. Too many people do not know how to manage their anxiety and differences. We need to do things differently if we are going to be a civilized and advanced society. Buying up and relying on guns, gives people a false sense of security.

Having a focus on guns, as we have had, does not consider so many other options. We have knowledgable people who know what needs to be done. Unfortunately politicians, who think they know how to fix schools, prisons, mental health, health care, and all other matters, refuse to listen to the people that do know how to address our current social maladies. Arrogant pundits and politicians come up with policies, created by the Koch brothers and ALEC, instead of listening to and understanding the people who have learned over time and with research, how to effectively manage social problems.

Solving mass murder is a huge issue and will require listening to experts in many fields. This is not a simple matter. Mass murder is a reflection of numerous failures in our society. If you are just looking at guns only, or seeing mentally ill people as all the same, or only considering your own fun or fears, or only having fantasies about how many bad guys you are going to take out, or how much money you can make selling weapons and ammunition, then you may as well be wearing the same socks everyday, thinking it will somehow protect you.

We all give up certain things and follow certain rules, for the greater good of all. It is hard now for Americans to think about other people and the greater good, as Republican politicians have pushed propaganda about how great it is to be wealthy and how it is more important that we allow people to amass great wealth than it is for us to make sure that everyone has opportunities for achieving basic needs. We cannot expect to have a strong nation unless we start being supportive of all of the people.

The tea party has severely hurt our nation, with what amounts to creating policies out of ignorance, greed and fear. We cannot sustain this kind of policy making. It is self destructive and we need to awaken to that fact very soon. The longer we wait, the more difficult it will be to restore order and to begin to make progress on our urgent problems and needs.

What we do about mass murder and gun management is completely tied to how we manage our nation and advance as a culture. Do we want to grow in knowledge, science and life giving technology or will our fear and desire for wealth and power turn us into a culture ravaged by violence and hate? It is time to make up our minds.

(Heckler in the Real Grassroots (UNPAID) Crowd)