How to take back the government, for good

What is keeping us from being able to have the kind of government we want.

Half of the people don't vote. Of those who do vote, most of them vote like their ministers and the NRA tell them to vote. Now, so many liberals are blaming Democrats for not being able to change things. Could we be missing the real problem here?

We need the equivalent of ministers and an organization as powerful as the NRA to help the working people regain a voice and keep it. Some ideas, which may not be the best, but just to keep us moving would be; beef up unions that are pushing for better wages, benefits and workers rights, more private funding for Planned Parenthood, stressing that birth control prevents the need for abortion, a Democratically controlled organization to beef up educational funding for undergraduate and graduate programs, which stress liberal arts and sciences, and perhaps most important, an organization that would take over the funding of campaigns, which limits all candidates to the same amount.

Already more people are actively protesting and going to town hall meetings. More women are running for office. This has already had a positive impact. Thanks to the women who marched and are running for office.

Share your ideas please.

(Heckler in the Real Grassroots (UNPAID) Crowd)